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Picture Spoilers: Next week on Hollyoaks (Jul 8-12)

:Headline: Picture Spoilers: Next week on Hollyoaks (Jul 8-12):
Check out pictures and spoilers from next week's new episodes of Hollyoaks.
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Next week on Hollyoaks, Warren and Rex decide to team up to take on a common enemy.

Elsewhere, Ste learns his fate in court, Hannah tries to get Robbie to flee the village with her and Cleo contemplates moving in with Abe.

Read on for pictures and spoilers from next week's new episodes!

Monday, July 8 (Episode 6412)

Writer: Clare Sumi
Director: Alan de Pellette

Zoe and Pearl go for lunch at the McQueens but things remain awkward with Prince. John Paul confronts Cleo about being sick in the toilet and causes a scene in front of Abe.

Also: Ste admits to James that he's working for Warren, a bruised Hannah tells Robbie that she's in danger and Beau pleads with Tony and Diane not to go through with their ultimatum.

This episode airs Monday, July 8 at 7pm on E4 and from 7.30pm on Friday, July 5 via Channel 4 streaming

Tuesday, July 9 (Episode 6413)

Writer: Jane Wainwright
Director: Alan de Pellette

Ste breaks down in front of Tony, Leela and his family at a surprise barbecue, fearful of going to prison. Later, he takes his ring off and tells James that he wants him to have a life without him.

John Paul tries to talk Cleo into not moving out and, after a chat with Sally about feeling like a failure, she tells Abe that she's not ready to move in with him yet.

Elsewhere, Kitty goes to hand her notice in to Misbah, Zoe fears that Hunter is being forgotten and Hannah learns that Robbie has fled the village without her.

This episode airs Tuesday, July 9 at 7pm on E4 and from 7.30pm on Monday, July 8 via Channel 4 streaming

Wednesday, July 10 (Episode 6414)

Writer: Charlotte Pattullo
Director: Alan de Pellette

James is heartbroken with Ste's decision as his sentencing day arrives - and Ste is also firm with his kids, forbidding Leah and Lucas from visiting him in prison. At the last moment James arrives at court to make amends - while the judge finds an issue with the investigation, declaring the conviction unsafe... and Ste is freed.

Later, Ste gets a message from the person who got him off at court, signing off as 'Blue'. Meanwhile Zoe arrives at The Loft and asks Warren about a gangster called Blue who has been missing since 2017 - and Warren starts to fear for his and his kids' safety...

Also: Cleo agrees to move in with Abe after all, while Darren urges Freddie to step up for Lexi's sake.

This episode airs Wednesday, July 10 at 7pm on E4 and from 7.30pm on Tuesday, July 9 via Channel 4 streaming

Thursday, July 11 (Episode 6415)

Writer: Richard Burke
Director: Alan de Pellette

James warns Ste that one more lie will end their relationship, and after Cindy tells Ste that he must leave the village for good, James is insistent that they're staying put.

Norma assures Warren that 'Blue' is no match for her and sets her sights on Freddie. Rex arrives at The Loft and tells Warren that they should team up against him, but Mercedes warns Warren that if he hurts Freddie then he'll never see the twins again. What's his next move?

Also: Freddie makes plans to become Lexi's guardian, while Maxine is jumpy around Jeremy after he helps out with Liberty's hanging basket business.

This episode airs Thursday, July 11 at 7pm on E4 and from 7.30pm on Wednesday, July 10 via Channel 4 streaming

Friday, July 12 (Episode 6416)

Writer: Alan Flanagan
Director: James Campayne

Ste tells Warren that he can't kill Freddie and go to prison, but Warren and Rex reveal that the plan is to get Freddie drunk and make it look like an accident. Ste and Rex prepare for the mission...

Lucas books a holiday for him and Dillon but they can only afford the deposit so they start up a business in the park - but Tom soon stops them, telling them that they don't have a permit.

Elsewhere, Dilly sides with Jeremy after his altercation with Maxine, leaving Sienna frustrated.

This episode airs Friday, July 12 at 7pm on E4 and from 7.30pm on Thursday, July 11 via Channel 4 streaming

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